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The Python Programming Course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Python programming language, one of the most versatile and widely used languages in the field of software development. This course is suitable for beginners with no prior programming experience as well as experienced developers looking to expand their skill set.

Starting From: 22nd January 2024

Course Duration: 20 Hours

Class Timings: 6:50PM to 9:20PM

Course Fee: ₹20,000/-


About Course

Course Objectives:

  • Fundamental Concepts: The course begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of programming, such as variables, data types, and control structures. Participants will gain a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of Python programming.

  • Syntax and Semantics: Understanding the syntax and semantics of a programming language is crucial. The course covers Python's clean and readable syntax, enabling participants to write efficient and effective code.

  • Data Structures: Participants will explore various data structures in Python, including lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets. This section emphasizes the importance of choosing the right data structure for specific tasks.

  • Functions and Modules: The course delves into the creation and usage of functions and modules, promoting modular and reusable code. Participants will learn how to organize their code into logical units for better maintainability.

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Python is an object-oriented language, and the course introduces participants to OOP concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism. This enables them to design and implement more sophisticated and scalable software.

  • File Handling: Effective file handling is a crucial aspect of programming. Participants will learn how to read from and write to files, enabling them to manipulate data stored in various formats.

  • Exception Handling: The course covers techniques for handling errors and exceptions gracefully, enhancing the robustness of Python programs.

  • Introduction to Data Science (Optional): Another optional module introduces participants to basic data science concepts using libraries like NumPy and Pandas. This section provides a foundation for further exploration into data analysis and machine learning.

  • Final Project: The course concludes with a hands-on final project, allowing participants to apply their acquired skills to solve a real-world problem. This project serves as a practical demonstration of their proficiency in Python programming.

Course Format:

The Python Programming Course employs a combination of lectures, hands-on coding exercises, and projects to reinforce learning. Participants are encouraged to actively engage with the material and seek assistance through Q&A sessions and forums.
By the end of the course, participants will have gained a solid understanding of Python and the ability to develop practical applications, laying the groundwork for further exploration in various domains of software development.


Earn a Certificate upon completion

Online Classes

Start instantly and learn at your own

Life Time Accessibility

Set and maintain flexible deadlines.

Beginner Level

No prior experience required.

Program Curriculum
Python Introduction
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Working with strings
  • Working with numbers
  • Getting input from users
Python Foundation
  • Lists
  • List Functions
  • Tuples Functions
  • Return Statements
  • If Statements
  • Improving Project 1
  • Dictionaries
  • While Loop
  • Project 1 (Building a Calculator)

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